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This is the welcome page for Edwin and Katrina Turnage. We live on a 15-acre homestead located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. About half of our land is pasture and half is woodland.

Like many people, we believe our health and well-being is linked closely to what we eat. We don’t think eating processed foods, like most of the food sold in the typical American grocery store, is good for us. We choose to eat as much locally and naturally raised food as we can find.

We are blessed to live in this place where we can raise some of our own food. Because we are eating it, we want it to have the highest possible quality and nutritional value. We want our food nutrient-dense. We want our food so delicious that we cannot believe how good it tastes. 

We never put hormones or antibiotics into our animal feed. We minimize GMOs and pay extra money to buy organically grown grains.

We love our animals. We treat our animals ethically. They roam, graze, browse, and root through generously sized paddocks on pasture or in woodland. Happiness and joy permeates their spirits and bodies.

We would love your help and support with what we are doing here in Polk County, North Carolina. Please support our local slow food effort by joining our mailing list. We will never spam you and respect your privacy. We will contact you periodically to keep you up to date on our activities, and to notify you of any surplus.

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We have heritage pigs (American Guinea Hogs), American Alpine dairy goats, and Black Copper Marans chickens. We will notify the people on our mailing list first whenever we expect a surplus or have babies. We hope you will support us by joining our newsletter!